Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colorado Trip

We took a 13 hour car ride to Colorado to visit some family. The kids did great in the car and slept most of the time we were driving. Chase can't wait to see everyone again...he is still asking about Nicki!
Thanks for letting us stay with you Mimi, Hal and Nicki...we had a blast!

4 Generations!

Gorgeous girl!

Great grandpa is fascinated with babies!

Grandma and Abby

Playing at Great grandpa's place...

...They even have a swing was a lot of fun

Great grandpa and his girls

Mimi and Me!

Takin' a snooze...

Times two!

The beautiful Mountains

Grandma and Grandpa

Daddy and Abigail...too cute!

Part of our adorable family...

...the rest of the adorable family
(putting crayons in the paper chef hat)

Watching some baseball at uncle Phil's


Grandma and her brother Phil

Mommy, Abby and Phil

What a little ham I am

Watching favorite!

Look...I can see myself

Sleeping on one of the many car rides

Cuddling with Nicki...and Elmo and Cookie

Out to eat at Old Chicago

Mama and Phil

Where is Chase...?


I love my daddy!

Grandma and grandpa "vroom"

4 Generations!

Talking to great Grandpa

Phil and his dad

He just loved Abby...he said he wanted some more babies

I wasn't too sure about him

I really liked Nicki....we are reading a new book that mommy bought me

Sleeping in her favorite position

Can't forget to play some baseball

And it's out of here!

Grandma and her little grand-peanut

Mommy and Abby...Abby, the camera is over here

Daddy's girls!

Mommy...Abby isn't too comfortable

Casa Bonita!
The best restaurant in Colorado!Nicki, Mimi and Hal!

Watching the show with mommy

Too cute!

Grandma and grandpa's turn!

Hurry mommy take the picture, I am watching the show

The rock cliff...there is a 20 foot deep pool below it for the divers

They were really loud!

Sitting with grandma at the fountain in front of Casa Bonita


Mommy and Daddy

The Herrings too!

Mommy and her cousin Nicki


Oh Yeah...the Bronco's stadium

Last visit with great grandpa

Hal and Mimi

Great grandpa and his granddaughters

I got a little better on the last day...that is a smile on my face

Mimi rocking Abby

Mommy's shoes are sooo big!

Mommy's and their daughters

I am a good traveler

Me too...and I love string cheese!

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