Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grandma Day!

Grandma O took me over to the Kocinski's house for another play date with auntie Bebe and my cousins. We carved pumpkins and made Halloween cookies. We had so much fun!

Getting ready to carve pumpkins want me to touch that gooey stuff???

Much better, I'll use a spoon

I like to take the pumpkins eyes in and out

Look at his eye

My pumpkin has a big mouth

Kisses for my pumpkin

and one big hug!

Eight adorable pumpkins!

Time for Cookie making!

Cutting out the pumpkin cookies

The dough kept disappearing...

Briannah taught me how to eat the dough do you get this thing out of here?

Grandma helping me frost the cookies

Briannah and I are good frosters

Think anyone is looking?

Time to play while the grandma's clean up

A little music too

Let s see if we saved any room for lunch...

I am afraid I am one stuffed cookie! ;)

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