Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Illinios!

Daddy and I sleeping in the morning

On the way to Illinois...we had to stop in LaCrosse because of the weather

Everyone is so happy to be jammed in the car!

Look how I hold my drawing toy...too cute!

This stuff is tough..I am tired!

Our cute family

Mommy got a challenge for an arm wrestling contest..Gramps beat her...

Marsha and her were pretty even and then Marsha took her down...

and mommy beat Katie...just like me!

Getting some yummy Thanksgiving dinner

Table #1

And table #2 (the kids table)

Balancing spoons on our noses

Good try Abby

Nice job mama

I was the best and kept it on the longest

The spoon trio!

Going on a walk to make room for cake and pie

Too cute!

I am the cheese in the sandwich!

Me and mommy

Grandma and me...we match

Last but not and Katie

Sneaking up and daddy, Abby and Papa

Guess which shoes are mine...?

Daddy and Auntie Katie doing their ritual puzzle and granny and gramps house

Happy girl with her godmother

Waiting for the train...mommy, Abby and Chases first time on a train!

I was so happy to see Ra-ra and Nicko on the train! Ra-ra shared her water with me...even though she didn't seem to want it back after it had some floaties in it

Abigail resting up for the big day..mommy and Katie can't wait to shop

We were in the first car, so we could look out the window...Ra-ra held me here and I loved it!

I think I might need a nap before we do this long day of shopping

Abby all warm and cozy!

I am number one...thanks Nicko and Ra-ra

Going through the revolving doors...these were really fun

On the Water Taxi to Michigan Avenue

Me and my two aunties! happy...we are going shopping all day! Gramps is excited!

Grandma is super excited!!

Mommy's waiting inside with Abby and Papa

Downtown Chicago

Crazy parking ramp with condos above it

The newest Trump tower. This is only a third of the size it will be

Hauling the double stroller around everywhere

Daddy didnt' bring his mittens, so mommy let him borrow hers

Mommy and daddy! Mommy's first time in Chicago!

A silly copper man. He looks like a statue

Watching the copper man...I am just not too sure of him

Wow...this is really cool!

This is a really cool Lego Sleigh, Santa and Reindeer

I love you daddy!

I loved looking down the middle of the mall at all the Christmas decorations

I am the cutest shopper at the mall

Having a little lunch at a really good food court in the mall

Papa is Abby's chauffeur

I can see so much better up here mommy

Waiting for the rest of the group

Pretty building!

Trying to do side kicks...mommy wins!

Walking along Michigan Avenue

I am pooped from shopping

I love my uncle Nicko!

Everyone on the boat back to the train

Silly Daddy!

Peek-a-boo everyone!

Rara Handing me some of her Chicken Nuggets

Abby woke up for a short part of the train ride

Daddy and I up on the top level of the train

Playing football with auntie Katie

I can throw a really...I can!

Drawing with gramps

Gramps...that does not look like me...I am much cuter!

Here...I'll help you

Pretty blue eyes

Happy girls!

Hanging out with auntie Katie before we go home

Holy Moly! Look at all the luggage. Somehow it all fit in the van

So tired from such a fun weekend!

Playing with my leaf that gramps gave me

Subway stop on the way home

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