Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Cookie Bake

Me and my daddy!

Uncle Nicko and Ra-ra got me this bowling many pins can I hold??!

Ra-ra and Abby played too

I love the bowling game

Uncle Nicko and I are playing are "air guitars"

Daddy and Nicko playing Guitar Hero

The cookie cutting begins...

Here daddy, have a bite of my cookie

I need a few more sprinkles...


Abigail and mommy...the cookies cutters and picture takers

Abby taking a cat nap

I know I am cute!

Playing Guitar Hero...

Ra-ra is a little bit better than me

Abigail and Adam...she just giggled at him

Have a rocking race with Nicko and Isaiah

Briannah my cousin...isn't she cute?!

For the poor people, we wrapped daily necessities in a bath towel and grandma and papa took them to church to be given to the right people.
I am putting everything underneath the t0wel

Being silly with Briannah

Hey Ra-Ra...where do I put this shampoo?!

Me and Uncle Timmy

Family photo 2007

Peek-a-boo...Happy Holiday!

Daddy and Abigail

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