Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Nutcracker!

Today grandma and grandpa "vroom," grandma and grandpa O, mommy, daddy, Abigail and I all went to the Macy's 8th floor display. I had a blast looking at all the moving people and lights. Abby liked it too, she loved all the lights! Everyone had a good time and we shared a cookie at the end with a ton of frosting on it. Then we walked around for a little bit and I got to go up and down the escalator with grandpa.

I saw this guy and yelled "ball." If you look in his hand, there is a little ball

Abby taking a ride in the Baby Bjorn

Very detailed and fun this year! out, don't get bit!

Hanging out with grandma

Family photo

Looking at all the stuff with daddy

Grandma and Abby

Abby and her motorcycle grandparents :)

"I want to go back and see more daddy"

3 generations!

The best part at the end...the frosted cookie!

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