Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6 Months Old!

Can you believe that Abigail is 6 months old today? Mommy is shocked that the past 6 months have flown by so fast. Abby is rolling across the floor, sitting up for short periods, laughing blowing bubbles and making raspberry sounds. She is such a happy baby, most people ask us if she ever cries. She does, just not very often. She is getting the the stage where loud things scare her and mommy "yelling" at Chase or Bauer makes her sad...she isn't afraid to let you know when she doesn't like something. she just adores her big brother and he can always make her laugh. her 6 month appointment is in the first week of February, so we will let you know then how she is on weight and height.
Enjoy the pictures...Grandpa Ox did them this time and they turned out great! It helps to have such a beautiful princess to take pictures of. I am not bias at all. :)

6 Months Old!


So precious!

Playing with her toes

Naked girl with her elephant

Being stubborn and not smiling

Silly tongue

That is what she thinks of mommy trying to make her smile

Mommy and her princess

Sepia tone...makes them look so sweet

Mommy has fun playing with pictures!

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