Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bath Time Together!

Sitting pretty in her Bumbo

Bumbo at Target = $39.99
Cute outfits = $62.00
Getting both of your kids to smile together = PRICELESS

I am really good at sharing with Abby

I love her to pieces!

I love you too Chase

Watching the surprise washcloth unfold in water

Ta-da! Thanks grandma and grandpa

Abby's first time in the "big bathtub." She wasn't to happy right away

Still not sure

I liked having someone to play with


That is better, just give me something to chew on


Mommy says it is hard to wash me in this seat

Getting dried off

I love baths!

Two cuties in their "jammies"

She watches everything I do

Look how much we look alike

Getting tired

Mommy decided to take some fun shots of me after Chase went to bed

This is her favorite!

This one is for those of you who think I am bald...look at all that hair, I will be wearing bows in no time

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