Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sesame Street Live!

Today our family and grandma went to Sesame Street Live (When Elmo Grows Up) and we had a blast. We will defiantly be going back next year! Chase loved it and last almost all the way through and Abby was even entertained and loved all the lights and characters. Chase couldn't wait till Elmo came out...he kept saying, "Elmo come out!" He was a little nervous when the characters danced around close to us on the floor, but then again, mommy didn't like that much either. We had great seats and can't wait for next year. Thanks Grandma and grandpa Ox!

The fam!

The stage

Ready for Elmo to come out....where is he?

Abby loved the show too!

Yeah...there they are!

Big Bird!

He was in such aw

All the characters...look at all the lights!

Mommy's favorite..Abby Cadabby


Cookie Monster and Zoey

Cookies Monster dancing

Elmo singing

Abby Cadabby, Ernie and The Count Chase says..."Doey!"

Oscar the grouch

All the characters at the pageant

Bert, Ernie and Big Bird dancing


Abby was watching...let's just say she is like her auntie Katie and loves the camera

Clapping...they are so fun to watch

The wilderness at night...all the characters are sleeping on the floor

Abby Caddaby

They're doing magic

Pointing to Elmo

Hanging out with grandma during the show

Mommy bought me an Elmo balloon...she says I better play with it was $8.00 (the things these shower sucker you into)

I love the balloon

So alert

Such a happy girl!

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