Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little tired!

I got up a little too early this morning...

Time for an early nap

Abby's first Graham Cracker...

She loved it...but I had to watch her pretty close...or she'd choke

(The kids love to "cheers"....thanks uncle Kyle!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

A couple Randoms

Silly Abby!

Daddy's Latest castle

Peek-a-boo mommy

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally Nice Outside!

It is finally nice enough to play outside. I could have stayed out there all day. While Abby took a nap...mommy and daddy brought me outside to play and make a huge snowman...that I can see from the window. I had so much fun...I can't wait till spring is here!

Shoveling some snow

Look at my big snowball I found

When you throw a snowball up in the air...remember to move...so it doesn't hit you in the head

Daddy is rolling the snow man pieces...

... looks like a good seat for me

It isn't as easy playing with toys in the snow

I decided to play in a puddle and my gloves got all wet...so mommy made me wear hers

It is hard to grab stuff...but I still managed

Putting on the finishing touches!

I love to stand

Look at my two teeth!

Showing signs of being tired...

Ok...here is my second wind

I am so silly!

Chase let me play with a bean bag

I swear I am innocent
(this is my new thing...sucking on my bottom lip)

Tossing the bean bags inside...it is way to snowy to play outside

Stacking the colors together

Laying on my sister...she thinks it is funny

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rochester to meet Katie

We went to Rochester with grandma and Rara to meet Katie for the weekend. We had so much fun...thanks for meeting us Katie!

Waiting for Katie to meet us here

Mommy...look who I found in the mall!

Mommy bought me my own baseball hat....I love it!

Time for a bite to eat...

I love ketchup...can you tell

Happy girl in the stroller

Time for nap...we had both kids down at the same time....time for some power shopping!

So cute!

Double time!

Showing off our "dog tags" from Victoria's Secret

Riding on the school bus

Rara wanted a ride too

Onto the race car

Getting our swimsuits on the go swimming

This water is pretty cold Katie and Rara

Not too sure yet...

Ok, now I am...I found a basketball hoop


Mommy and Abby

Beautiful girl with a mohawk

Abby likes the water

Plotting what to do next

Down the kiddie slide

This way was much more fun

Hanging out with the Oxborough ladies

Hanging out with Katie in the kiddie pool

This doesn't feel like my bath tub does


Playing with the turtle sprinkler

Ok, I am outa here

Eating at Macaroni Grill

Getting ready for bed....thanks for these PJ's too Bebe

I love my blanket

Being silly!

Two girls that love the camera

Playing Candy Land for the first time

Grandma is trying to tell me that it isn't ok to rig the deck like uncle Timmy did when he was 3

Beautiful girls in pink!

Time for some Yahtzee...sorry for beating you Rara...I promise it was my first time playing

PJ Party!

Beautiful blue eyes!

I think I'll sleep here with you Rara

Testing out my new baseball hat..using a pencil for a bat

Smiling at Rara

Bundled up and waking up from nap
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