Friday, February 1, 2008

Chuckie Cheese

Waiting in line for a car wash....45 minutes later!

Racing daddy with Timmy

Going up in the tubes with daddy

Driving the Chuckie Cheese bus...look at my concentration with my tongue

Mommy wanted a ride too

Hanging out with daddy

Three Amigos goofing around

Driving the race car

Timmy and I driving the car

Hanging out like monkeys

Ok all done...down the slide we go

Giving kisses on the Merry go round for Timmy...

One for papa....

Ouch...grandma got denied...I am just playing hard to get grandma :)

Pounding the groundhogs...

Timmy winning me lot of tickets

Hanging out with mommy

Testing my skills at the frog game...good thing daddy helped me

Driving the Choo choo

Taking a ride with Chuckie Cheese...I had to hold daddy's hand..I wasn't too sure of sitting right next to him

Finally I get a turn at air hockey...I waited all night

I love playing air hockey

Grandpa wanted to play too

Me and daddy on a team!

Kicking the soccer ball in the goal...I actually made two kicks

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