Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Edinborough Park and NO more nuk!

Playing with my train track...waiting to go to Edinborough Park

Cheese mama!

Going down the slide with grandma

Peek-a-boo with grandma through the nets

I love this yellow slide

Jumping around like a monkey

Grandma and Abby...full of giggles

The part I have been waiting for all day! Basketball!

Running all around to get the balls

I can almost reach it!

Chase's heaven!

Mixing up sports a same thing

Riding around on the wheely chair

Big ball!

Abby's first bow...mommy made two ribbon bows, with velcro backing...Abby still needs a little bit more hair to hold them in

"A picture is worth a thousand words!"

So many giggles!!

They just love each other

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Mommy decided today that this would be the last day of having a "nu-nu." Mommy cut the tip off the nuk and left it for Chase to find. He found it brough it to me and said, "'s broken...fix it." I told him that I can't fix it and he said, "daddy fix it then." I said I think the nukkie knows that you are getting to be a big boy. Chase responded with "yes...let's put it in the garbage."
Here he is saying "bye bye nu-nu!"

He is waving bye bye

Happy fancy pants

Daddy brought mommy flowers for Valentines day...she got them a day early!

I liked to smell them!

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