Monday, February 11, 2008

Edinborough Park

Mommy only had Jackie for daycare we decided to go to Edinborough Park. Grandma Oxborough went with us so that mommy could run around in the tunnels and tubes with us. We had a blast and are going back on Wednesday with grandma Stevens and Friday with Auntie Katie!!! Mommy just wished we lived closer!

We had to stop at the waterfall first

Wow....that is one big play structure!

Climbing to the top with mommy and Jackie...

Through the tubes...

And down the slide....
Do you see Jackie behind mommy...she is holding onto mommy's arm

All by herself...she is so tiny...she just flies down the slide

I was not too sure of going down by myself...

So I went with mommy again

Climbing the rock handed too

Jackie's turn

Climbing up all the levels

Mommy can't keep up with her camera

This si fun to side down on your belly

Up the rope net...

Jackie flew past me

Crawling through the tunnels

Down the slide...


Smiling at myself in the mirror

onto jumping over the blocks

Playing with our new friend Charlie

Time to take a snack and juice break

This playing stuff is hard work!

Grandma and Abby hanging out

Cutest lil' cupcake!

Jumping in the blow up jumper

Jackie kept trying to hold my hands...but I wanted to do it by myself

Flying around the jumper

Whoops...I keep falling over

Talking to Charlie in the jumper

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