Saturday, February 16, 2008

A very full day!

Adam reading me books before bed!

Taking a bath with my sister...she is not used to my splashing yet

This bath stuff is fun

Look at those eyes and eye lashes!

Eating some Cheerios with daddy

Abby loves the cats...we aren't sure how much they like her ;)

Hanging out with Adam at Manning's

Where is my grilled Cheese uncle Timmy?!

Too cute!

Brushing uncle Nicko's hair...

...ok my turn Nicko

Sitting up so pretty in my new PJ's
(Thanks for the new PJ's Bebe!)

Chase showing off his new basketball PJ's

Photo time with auntie Katie

Up in the air I go!

Abby likes Elmo...

She would smile when he started to shake and laugh

Chase still likes to keep his distance


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