Saturday, March 29, 2008

Joey's 2nd Birthday Party

Playing in the Choo Choo tent

They had lots of balloons...I love balloons!

Joey liked them too!

I could play this game all day

Kristin, Joey's mom, made this cool choo choo track around the kitchen island

The birthday boy playing with his train tracks

Blowing out his candles
(Nice job on the cake Kristin)

Trying to get my head stuck in the railing...good thing it didn't work

Layla and Abby eating the wrapping paper...Layla isn't too happy

Hey there!

This is fun!

Taking a ride on Joey's new bike...I think I need a bike daddy

Playing with Joey...yes, that is a smile from Joey!

I like playing with Joey's toys

Daddy's and their daughters

Joey playing with his new hockey "stick" and puck

New Hockey Stick

Mommy and daddy got me a new hockey stick and puck from the Wild game. It is a softer one than uncle Kyle game me, so it is "safer" too. Mommy taught me how to hold the stick...I look so cute shooting the puck.

Slap shot!

Look at that stick handling

This is fun!

Laying with daddy...I asked mommy to take this picture

Happy girl in her cute Easter PJ's

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Wild Game

Mommy and Daddy got Wild tickets from Daddy's really good seats...row 4!! They got to go to the game by themselves and have a date night. It was a great game and the Wild won 4-0.There is a little boy in the middle of the rink with the Wild flag before they came out

Power Play!

Go Wild!

Mommy and daddy

What a great goalie...Backstrom!


The Wild bench

The best picture of the night...where are all the players?!

One section of the fight...

Still breaking up the fights

3 Vancouver guys in the penalty box

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mommy's 26th Birthday & Dave and Busters!

Happy Birthday Mama! We went to Dave and Buster's for mommy's birthday and had a blast. We won lots of ticket and Abby and I both got an big Elmo with all out tickets....thanks everyone for all the tickets.
Abby just hanging out

Abby's "bling"!
(Thanks Katie Kocinski)

Three peas in a pod!

The girls

Daddy and his little man!

The guys!

Adam and Katie

Timmy bought mommy a scooby snack for her birthday

Mimi and Nicki


Sitting on Kyle's shoulders

Abby loves to play with Matt and Riley

Abby pinches a little too hard sometimes

Mommy and Daddy

We are so cute!


Mommy's birthday dessert

It's uncle Hal's birthday celebration too

Playing some games after dinner

Uncle Kyle trying to beat mommy in the jump rope lights game...he didn't stand a chance

Driving a "spaceship"

Uncle Kyle :)

Uncle Sean and his shooting game

Riley and all her tickets

Abby thinks she gets some of mommy's birthday cake

Mommy with her birthday cake...hurry mommy blow out the candles before the house burns down!

Adam and me about to eat mommy's cake

Abby was hungry too

Pretty messy girl

Adam is hiding the ball under the cups...

This is a very fun game...but very confusing!

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