Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter with the Oxborough's

Getting ready to dye Easter eggs

Mommy is helping me

Look at my yellow egg!!

Katie and her multi egg dying expertise

We are so good mama!

Ready to start our egg hunt

Papa shoveled a trail in the snow for our egg hunt....

Look at these cool eggs!!

Digging in the snow to find all the eggs

Katie found some more

I found my Easter basket...what are these...New sports light up sandals!

Thanks grandma and grandpa...I can't wait to wear them!

Just hanging out

Digging through our goodies from the egg hunt

Handsome little man!

Abby is out for the count

Where did everyone go?

Katie reading a book to all the kids

I love my auntie/godmother!!

I am the total opposite of Chase...I love this TMX Elmo...Chase still gets a little unsure when he sees him working....but Abby just loves him

Pretty blue eyed girl!

It isn't very easy trying to get all 4 cousins in a picture...where is Isaiah?!

Mommy and her little cupcake

Daddy's gigantic snowman

Katie....your cheeks are a little red....did you have some wine?! :)

Three pretty girls!

So pretty in my Easter dress

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