Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Grand Rios Water Park

Taking a little snooze on the way to the water park....He loves wearing the "ears" to listen to Elmo in th car

Happy girl...ready to go to the water park

One tired lil' girl

Most of the crew

I love my auntie Katie!

Floating around the lazy river

The second half of the floaters

I thought the bubbles were pretty cool

Being silly with uncle Timmy

Hey mama...here we go!

I loved going down the little water slides

Uncle Timmy you are a little too big for this slide

Down the blue water slide with daddy

Uncle Timmy!

Building a tower with Matt and Riley

Matt cand build them really high!

Hal and Mimi playing Guitar Hero for the first time...they were naturals!

First time!

Go Mimi!

Go Mimi

Uncle Hal...major concentration!!

Mommy and Nicki

The kids table
(Chase at the best dinner he has ever eaten....whatever Matt and Riley ate...Chase would eat too. Thanks for all the help guys!)

I love my uncle Sean!

Hanging out with Matt

Matt and Mimi battling each other at Guitar Hero

My turn to rock out

Matt trying a little Dance Dance Revolution

Getting tickled by Matt

Even uncle Sean tried out the DDR

Being silly boys!

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