Saturday, March 29, 2008

Joey's 2nd Birthday Party

Playing in the Choo Choo tent

They had lots of balloons...I love balloons!

Joey liked them too!

I could play this game all day

Kristin, Joey's mom, made this cool choo choo track around the kitchen island

The birthday boy playing with his train tracks

Blowing out his candles
(Nice job on the cake Kristin)

Trying to get my head stuck in the railing...good thing it didn't work

Layla and Abby eating the wrapping paper...Layla isn't too happy

Hey there!

This is fun!

Taking a ride on Joey's new bike...I think I need a bike daddy

Playing with Joey...yes, that is a smile from Joey!

I like playing with Joey's toys

Daddy's and their daughters

Joey playing with his new hockey "stick" and puck

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