Saturday, March 1, 2008

Underwater World and Mini Golfing

Today we went to Under Water was daddy's first time and Chase's too! We had so much fun! Chase and Abby both loved the fish. We decided to take Chase Mini Golfing after we ate some lunch and he loved it. (Not to mention the attention he got for being such a cute little golfer)

Here we go!

Looking at the turtles with daddy

There are lots of them...

They are kinda cute

Taking a picture with the beaver

In the shark and fish tunnel we go

Abby is in awww!

Jaws! Look at those teeth!!

This is a pretty cool tunnel daddy

Such a cute family!

Hello Mr. Sting ray...he is smiling at us

Abby loved all the fish

Up close and personal

They are all so big

Daddy and Abby in the shark tank

Papa and Chase on the top...

Abby and mommy on the bottom

Taking the big turtle for a ride

Abby trying on the latest in fish hats

All of us in the big shark jaws

Abby loved looking at the water


The orange trio!
(3 generations)

Waiting for our turn to golf

Papa helping me golf

Practice makes perfect...right?!

Little Golfer

Watch me!

The golfers!

The orange golfers

I am small enough to walk under the tunnels

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