Friday, March 7, 2008

Wisconsin Dells

We went to the Dells again this year and had a blast. We stayed in a huge condo and say lots of family. Chase wasn't too sure about the big water slides, but loved the little water slides and wave pool.
Sorry the pictures are all out of computer is being weird and they ar a pain to reorganize.

Playing at the huge indoor park with Rara, Amy, Katie and mama

Eating some cereal with pap in the morning

Papa and grandma slept on a twin roll-away bed...I thought they needed one more person in it

Katie and me

Playing in the arcade with Rara...she knows I love basketball

I love my new godmother Rara!!!

Playing ski-ball...another favorite

She loves her daddy!!

Naked baby girl

What more could a kid want...a sucker and a balloon...I am set!

Abby's new face she started this weekend....we call it her cheese face!

Only Chase can wake Nicko up at 7:30 a.m and have him be happy

Bowling in the morning

Some of our group at one of the water parks

Playing musical chairs with the birthday and newly engaged people

Abby in her leopard outfit

The birthday people!

Rockin' out to Guitar Hero

The boys coming out the hurricane slide

Going around the lazy river

Jumping in the water swing

G-pa reading the top 10 reasons to move to Minnesota

Testing out the beds with Rara and Katie

One tired boy...make that two tired boys

More of our group

Chase's new bowling style

Out to Cracker Barrel the morning we left for home

There is that face again...too cute!

Katie practicing for the!

Bebe and Abby in her Bikini

Grandma and Abby hanging out

Playing in the kiddie pool

Drinking some tropical drinks

The girls coming out the hurricane slide

More of the lazy river

Playing guitar with Rara

Nicko got a new guitar for his birthday...but I think I was more excited than him

Silly Birthday boy!

Hanging out waiting for dinner

Waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive

Eating some lunch at the water park

Eating some dinner

First night at the water park

Too cute!

The boys on the hurricane again

Coloring with Nicko

Around and around we go

Another picture from Cracker Barrel

Trying on Rara's glasses

One tired boy!

Waiting for mommy and daddy to get off the water slide

Rockin' out!

Playing the guitar

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