Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daddy's softball practice & playing at the park

And he's off...

...he rounds third...

I made it all the way around the bases

Auntie Katie loves me!

And I am off again...

Trying to slide...good thing I practice in the grass

Yikes....mommy is catching me

Safe and third...

And safe at home!

Off to the park
Climbing with Katie

Down the slide we go

Abby's first time in the swing and she loved it!!

Happy girl!

Mommy pushing me

Kisses from Katie

Chase's turn!

Everyone swinging together

Testing out the see saw with grandma...I wasn't too sure about it

Digging up some sand...

Grandma's turn

Swinging with grandma

Little miss Princess!

Mommy and me

Mommy's little cupcake

We got to sit on grandma vrooms motorcycle
Off to Grandma and Grandpa O's house
Playing in the yard

Helping daddy clean out the pit

In crawling mode...playing with her brothers favorite bowling toy

Hi Mama!

Ready to go home!

Playing with my friend Zoey

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