Monday, April 7, 2008

Playing with the Garski's!

Today mommy had no daycare kids , so we went to the Garski's house to play. Trevor, Avery and Syd love to play with me and I have so much fun with them. Thanks for letting us come play, we had so much fun.

Hi mama!

Playing with Trevor's race car before the kids got home from school

These wheels are really cool!

What is this thing?!

Belly time!

Cindi was driving it towards I just laughed and pushed it backwards of my favorite sports!

Playing catch with Syd

Being silly with the net

Avery and Abby
(Mommy remembers when Avery was this age!)

Too cute!

Avery, Abby (not too happy), Syd, Chase and Trevor

Playing the pirate game with Trevor

Everyone came over to play

That is one high basketball hoop

Thanks for the boost Trevor!

Trying to dribble

I got it!

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