Friday, April 4, 2008

To the park!

Mommy is sorry that there has been no pictures, but there is a virus on our computer so it will only let her upload one picture at a time....that takes a long time. Here are some pictures to hold you over till daddy fixes our computer....hopefully soon!

Playing with my new soccer net..I think I just about have something from every sport!

Playing "little" bowling...very concentrated on setting the pins up

I love this game!

Riding in the Burley to the park

Running off some energy!

Down the slide I go!

Best buddies!

Having a little drink

Two peas in a pod!

Papa and Grandma surprised me with a new bike (for an early birthday present) and I got to help papa put it together

This helmet would fit better without the packaging

Much better!

Fits just right!

Looking good!

My fancy knee pads

All decked out and ready to ride

I can't quite reach the pedals, but my toes can reach the ground!

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