Friday, May 23, 2008

11 Months old!!

11 Months old!

11 months old! What a beautiful princess! Abigail is crawling, pulling herself up on everything, saying dada, mama (which sounds more like muma), ba ba (for bottle) and she loves to give kisses. Just ask her for kisses and she makes the kissing pucker noise and attacks you with kisses. She is getting more hair everday, hopefully soon she will be able to wear barretts. She loves any food that you will give her, he latest is cheeseburger, cheese, mac n' cheese, banana and cheerios. She also just started on whole milk and loves it. 2 more months and our little princess will be one...boy does time fly!
Uncle Kyle and Chase had a run in and Chase ended up with a black eye. Everyone asks where Chase got his shiner and he is proud to say uncle Kyle. =)

It's a nasty one!
What a pouty face!
Turning colors... it is now a beautiful shade of green ish yellow

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