Saturday, May 17, 2008

Auntie Katie's Graduation!

This weekend we went to LaCrosse for Katie's graduation. We had a blast with family and friends!
Congratulations Katie!


Nicko and Rara

This is how they really feel about eachother!

Or maybe it is this one?!

Linda bob and her bag wine

One tired boy

pretty pretty princess

When I get really happy, I flap my arms really fast

Checking out the water with granny

Drinking from a straw with grandma Linda Bob

The cute couple!

Hanging out at one of the hotels

Two pretty girls!


Playing "big golf"

Chase's turn

and again...

one more time.

(Flash forward a few years)

Cheering for auntie Katie

(A Proex photo opp... just the wrong parents) =)

The guys!

Look at all the graduates

Abby playing with Vince

There is auntie Katie...right in the middle

Kristin and Katie...roomates

Marsha and the little princess

Katie and her proud brothers

Oh...and Chase too!

Where did Abby go?!

Awww...there she is!

Joel, Amy, Katie, Teresa and Adam

Katie, G-ma and G-pa

The love birds....Katie and Adam

Too cute!

Grandma Linda Bob, Katie, Kathy, and Sally

Katie and a couple of her friends!

Amy, Timmy and Teresa at the picnic following graduation

Pretty girl in a pretty dress

Hanging out with Aunite Marsha on mommy's old blanket

Playing ball with sara and Nicko...this is where Chase spent the entire picnic


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