Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hanging out with the Blakes

Today we went to the Blake's house to play in the pool and grill out. We had so much fun...thanks for having us over! :)

This water is freezing...but I don't care

Two cute boys in the pool

Watching Carter and her big brother...the water is too cold for her

Having fun!

Wanna play baseball mommy?!

Carter loves playing with the camera...say cheese!

Putting my feet in the sprinkler...I liked it!

Riding Carter's bike...I even pedaled myself

Carter like wearing his mommy's shoes...just like I like my mommy's and daddy's shoes

Don't worry, I am saving that Cheerio for later!

Blowing bubbles for Carter

This is so much fun!

Playing catch with daddy, Matt and Carter...


Carter thought it was fun too!

Eating a little snack while dinner is getting ready

Sleepy girl, didn't want to take a nap and miss the action

Eating our yummy hot dogs and pasta salad

Matt and Carter playing Mario Kart on the Wii

Crawling through Carter's tunnel...

oh no, her comes Carter...

Peek-a-boo Carter!

Follow me Carter....go this way!

Their gonna be best buddies like their daddys


Abby loves books, she will sit and listen to any book you read her

Sharing a snack before bedtime

Cuddling with mommy and Abby's blanket

Chase fell asleep on the wa home with the earphones on....too cute!

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