Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bon Fire for Amy and James!

Tonight we had a neighbor bon fire to say goodbye to Amy and James. We started out our night with this beautiful rainbow! It was huge and there were two rainbows right next to eachother. We had a blast making S'mores and talking. We will miss you James and Amy!
Our huge double rainbow...

It was so bright!


Zoey and Abby playing

Two beautiful babies!

So happy!

James and Bri

The girls

The guys!

Amy, James and lucy...we will miss you guys!

Sibling love!

Amy teaching Chase how to make a S'more

Roasting the marshmellow

Almost done

Abz and James...she adores him

Playing some bags

Time for another marshmellow


This is fun!

P.S. I dressed myself tonight!

Part of the group

Nice fire guys!

Just hanging out!

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