Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chrsity and vince's wedding!

Something is funky with my computer, so these aren't in order, sorry!

Abby fell asleep right before dinner

She also passed out in uncle Sean's arms at the wedding.

Everyone at Tuggs before the reception

The girls!

Mommy and her little man

Mommy's pride and joy!

Daddy and Josh

Mommy and auntie Kate

Dancing up a storm

Sara's new dance partner

Christy and her flower girl Briannah

Chase and Rara

Sisters and Chase

Uncle Sean made Abby laugh all night

Still awake...almost time for bed

What a little stud!

Put me down auntie Chirsty...this wedding reception is so much fun!

Family photo 6-7-08

Lauren and Timmy (The dancing king)

Caught ya chaser!

Dancing the night away

Daddy and Abz

I love these guys!

I found my partner again...

We were the best dancers there...I learned my moves from uncle Kyle

Grandma Linda Bob, Abby and mommy

Katie and Adam

Dancing Machine!

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