Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elm Creek Park with the Hirschboecks

Corn, Chicken and Potatoes...yummy!

I am so good at eating!

Precious smile!

Today we decided to visit a new park. Elm Creek Park. It is a big park with a lot of picnic tables and a great swimming area. We will defiantly be going back. Thanks for having a picnic with us Joel, Kristin, Joey and Layla! It was a very fun afternoon!

Taking a tour with daddy

Down the big tube slide...

I loved this slide!!

Caught in action

Down the hot metal slide.. :)

Layla and Abigial...only 2 weeks apart

Silly girl...look at that tongue

First time on a tire swing

This thing needs some handles

Taking a ride on the zip line

Kristin tried it too...pretty impressive

Joey's turn

Two of mommy's favorite boys!

This is pretty fun!

Abby just wanted to get down and crawl

Down the big tube slide...

Waiting for Joey

Racing through the tunnel

Not too sure of this ground

Joey and Kristin digging in the sand...

This is kinda hard...I need some help...

Thanks daddy!

Mommy wasn't as good of a helper

Kristin and Joey testing out the tire swing

Back to the diggers..boys will be boys!

Upside down princess

How many boys does it take to work a digger?! :)

Running so fast

Silly boys...going up the slide

Down the slide backwards...Chase's favorite!

Abby took a snooze on our walk after the park

Chase was almost out by the time we got the the car

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