Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Getting ready to put my swim suit on

Just waking up from a nap

Ready to jump right in

Ewwww! Goose poop!

Going to test out my new floaty

Building a sand castle is hard work!

Time to run in the water!

Abby hanfing out on the blanket...she thought the water was a bit cold

Building a sand castle with daddy, i nned some expert help

Ewww! Sea weed!

Watching while daddy fixes our castle

Time to wash my belly in the castle mote

It needs to be a bit deeper

Abby's ready to get in the water

Eating a banana and watching the other kids play in the lake

Princess Abby and her daddy

Splashing in the water...

I just like to run in and out of the water and splash as much as I can


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