Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Twins Game with the Blakes

We got some free tickets to the Twins game from uncle Nicko's friend, so we took the Blakes! We had so much fun! Chase brought his new baseball mit to the game and kept it on the whole time. (ask him and he'll tell you he almost caught a foul ball) We were the Famous Dave's Fans of the game and got to be on the jumbotron and also got a $25 gift card to Famous Dave's.

Riding in the Blake's new Nissan Pathfinder to the Twins game...there is so much room!

Getting situated in our seats

Carter is stealing his mommy's nachos

The game got a bit tense...then the Twins came back

This malt cup sure is yummy!!

So happy to be watching the Twins!

He watched 90% of the game!

Chase and Carter took over their own row

Abby hanging out with daddy for a few innings


Our Twins fan Family!

The Blake's!

Walking back to the car after a great game!


Abby even stayed awake the whole game

Best friends with their sons....priceless!

Didn't make it too long before he bit the dust

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