Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some more fun with our friends

Abby loves to crawl through the exersaucer

Chase is teaching Maria how to play the drums

Playing with the table and all the little people

They love to watch me make lunch on the stool

Lydia is not to sure about Abby hovering over her

Abby loves the picnic table, cause she can get on and off by herself. She is so proud of herself!

Hanging out watching Curious George with Abz

The three amigos! They are too cute!

Not too sure how happy daddy will be with this, but chase loves to carry around bags and put all kinds of things in them. He loves playing with the girls toys

Kisses for mama

Abby loves to sit up high in the high chair

Loving snack time!

Being silly during snack

Abby loves to be by Lydia...she loves babies

Drinking some tea from the tea party

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our new friends

Uh oh mommy, I made a mess
Today we went to mommy's new job for her first day. We love playing with the kids and they have a lot of toys too!

Having snack with out new friends

Maria-2 years old

Chase loves Lydia

Abby and Lydia

Lydia-4 months old

Chase and Maria

We went to see grandma at work and she bought me a huge ice cream cone...

She had to help me eat it

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abby's 1st Birthday Party!

We had a great 1st birthday party with lots of family and friends!

Abby took two steps on her actual birthday and taken 9 steps in a row since then! :)

The big one year old!

Taking some steps

Talking with grandma and Bebe

The princess throne

Looking good!

Layla and Zoey having fun

Babies everywhere

Princess Abigail!

Uncle Sean and the princess

The masterpiece!

Chase taking a ride on grandma's vroom vroom

Kyle and his adorable nephews

Matt and Chase riding the motorcycle

Kristin and Layla

Everyone having fun

...more fun!

Abby and Papa

Playing baseball

I love my auntie Katie!

Ready to run

Mommies and their precious baby girls

The princess and her castle

Such a big smile!

She loves stuffed animals

Her very first princess doll

She loves it!

Chase and Kyle playing in the sand table

Zoey Mae

Ready to dig in...




She loved her cake!

Zoey fell asleep on Brian when he was playing cards...too cute!

Peek-a-boo Zoey

I see you!

Zoey and Abby sharring some dinner

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