Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bowling for boobs!

Trying on Grandma "vrooms" motorcycle boots
Playing "store" with grandma
We went bowling tonight for a findraiser for the 3 day walk for breast cancer...we all had a blast and the girls made a pretty good profit. Thanks for joining us Amy and James!


Eating some dinner!

How many pins did you get down Chase?!

They actually have bowling shoes that fit...he was in heaven!

Daddy's up to bowl

Time to sneak in some energy food

Uh oh! Adam is in for it!

Go mama! in love!

Nice spin Timmy

Amy and James came to join us, since their new place is right near the bowling alley

Nice form James!

James helping Chase bowl...Chase misses his buddy James

High five Amy

Watching the gutter ball not make it to the end...

Dadd, nice job, but you forgot a ball...

Adam will get it!

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