Sunday, August 10, 2008


Relaxing after unpacking!

Abby was hungry for a snack...what is new?!

Time to burn off those strawberries!

Bauer loves camping!

Time for our first camping fire!

Abyy is just about asleep... doesn't take long after a hard day of playing!

Who said something about being tired?? NOT ME!

Breakfast time...I think Abby was a little confused why we ate outside when it was a bit chilly

Time to go to the beach...thank for the sunscreen auntie Katie


I just wish I could run all will happen in no time!

I love playing with my little sister!

I am a fish!!

Family outing to the beach

Cheese! Silly Chase, turn around!

Much better!

Daddy caught a little sunny in my bucket

Can I pet him daddy?!

He is a fast swimmer!

Eating again!

Building a sand castle and mote....well, maybe just a mud puddle

Mommy told me to go rinse off so we could go, this isn't what she meant :)

Two bathing beauties!

Taking a nap after a long day at the beach

Sound asleep!

Daddy's triple decker PBJ

Hanging out with daddy bye the river

Off for my first Burley biker ride with papa, Katie and grandma

Bye mommy!

Bye daddy!

Will someone let me out...please! :)

Crumpling paper for daddy's fire

Good workGood work boys!

Cute face baby girl!

The next Joe Mauer!

Kisses from big brother!


Sitting around the camp fire

Matching Katie and Papa

S'mores are so good!

Walking around Stillwater on a crummy day

I am taller than you daddy!

I love my mommy!

Digging in the rocks. Boys will be boys!

Mommy and daddy!

Eating my snack on my chair...I love my chair aunite Jackie...thanks again!

Most of the crew

Daddy cokking something yummy

I love camping food...oh wait, I love any food!

Being silly in my big brother chair

Me and daddy


Playing badmitten with grandma

Talking a walk...who said daddy can't multi task?!

Chase's first camping owie! (he fell off the picnic table and got a rock in his head...ouch!!)

Hanging out in the camper with grandma vroom

They put me on the floor...don't they know I am a princess?!

My favorite camping toy...some Hot Wheels and some stray wood

Eating lunch in the was a hot day!

Playing horseshoes with grandpa....

Look mom, I got a ringer!

Keeping grandma and grandpa's mat clean


Chase hard at work on his Soduku

Abz and daddy

Cheers! (with juice boxes in the morning)

Going for a swim in the lake...

Look I found a treasure!

Hanging out with my buddy Adam!

Adam doing some manual work....who forgot to take the picture of mommy whooping his butt in wood cutting?!

Another snack!

Roasting marshmellows with grandma and grandpa

Daddy made mommy one!


Being busy...go go go!

Running around the campground

Daddy...working hard?!

Everyone loves to eat when they are camping!

Cutie pie!

Grandpa roasting a hot dog

Playing baseball again!

First you have to tap the plate...

Then swing as hard as you can!

Ms. sassy! :)

Home run!

Nice stance!

Tongue out!


Bath time...I am not too sure about this!

I want a turn too!


He make me laugh!


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