Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hanover Festival and Parade

Waiting for the parade to start

This is one good lolly pop

Can I please have a lick big brother?!

Yum! My first lick of a lolly pop

Put that camera away mommy, the parade is starting

All the kids!

The guys leading the parade

Resting on daddy's head

Lots of fire trucks in the parade

Watching for candy to be thrown

Abby loves Icee's

Cool truck!

Put me down daddy, I want to get some candy

Chase flirted with the princesses

Cool float!

Family photo

Grabbing as much candy as I can

Oops, forgot this piece

Waving to the fire fighters

Jumping in the blow up jumper

Ouch...the bottom is hot mommy!

Time for minnow races...mine didn't even move :(

Silly girl!

My mommy is so funny!

So is my big brother

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