Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday!

Sharing snack with Maria

Playing kitchen...I love to make mama pretend food

Lets go for a ride baby...I am getting good at walking

Hanging out

Walking! I have taken 11 steps in a row...I will be walking in no time!

Playing with Dora...It's Maria's favorite thing to play

I love to play with Maria...she has really fun toys

Getting sleepy...I always rub my blanket tag on my nose when I am tired

Laying down with my big brother! He loves me!

I am much happier now that I took a nap!

I love giving kisses!

Art time!!

Mama and Abby

Ok, it is really hard to take a picture of yourself and two kids....this is as good as it gets

Abby's first coloring experience...she did like to eat the crayons

Lydia Lu

Silly boy!

Giving kisses to Lydia...

Hugs to Maria...

And to Abby!

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