Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two adorable kids!

I'mm going to be a drummer

and I 'm going to be a cheerleader!

Chase is teaching me how to stack the blocks...

Trying to stack the blocks bye myself!

Mommy and her princess

Mommy and her precious two!

Finger painting!

She loves to get messy....don't put those fingers in your mouth!

Eating snack together

Her kitty that she made at build a bear....Thanks Rara and Nicko!

She loves it!

Abby and Chase with their animals they made at Build A Bear

She loves the tags on her blankets

She rubs them on her nose or face when she is tired

Time to get clean...

Yuck...bath water in the mouth

They love taking baths!

Nice hair do Abby!

Having fun!

Drinking from a big kid cup
 my teeth are all clean!

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