Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chase's 3rd birthday!!

Chase is 3!!!

Chase is one little ball of energy. He loves baseball, bowling, basketball, football, hockey...well, you get the picture. His favorite show at this time is Curious George, followed closely by America's Funniest home videos. Chase loves to play with any sports related things, he loves to play with Matchbox cars, Go Diego Go stuff, Play Dough, do any type of art project and ride his scooter.
He amazes us with his vocabulary everyday. He will mimic our everyday life when he play. It is amazing what they actually listen to us say, when we don't think he is listening.
Such a handsome little boy!

Simply adorable!

He looks so old!


Watching the remote control rat (a b-day gift from Rara and Nicko) go under the car

Now under Papa's van

Mommy and daddy before the party

Family 3 and Abby 1 :)

Grandma and Abby ready for the party to start

she always has to have something in her hands when she is walking

Layla...looking for someone to play baseball with

Abby and Eli watching all the big kids play

Riding my new scooter from Rara and Nicko, I think I am such a big boy on this thing

uncle Kyle and his goddaughter, the wiggle worm

Saalim mowing the lawn, apparently Papa didn't get it short enough :)

Sitting on a football

Mike , Brian and Mike watching all the kids run around

James, Amy, Mike, Brian, Mike and Mel

Playing with the big bowling pin...this is heavy mama!

Amy, James and Chase. These are our old neighbors and Chase loves them both!

The big boys playing a silly game

Chase showing Ian how fast his scooter can go

Abby playing pee-a-boo

Giggly girl!

Briannah, Isaiah and Adam being silly with the inflatable bowling

Mommy and Mel, best friends in high school

Looking for a ball they lost in the pit...goofy boys!

Rara is helping me with all the tape on my presents

Chase with his new bingo game

My new fishing pole and tackle box, with matching sunglasses...I am ready to go on uncle Sean's boat! (thanks for the great gift Mel and Saalim!)

What could it be?!

I love this paper grandma!!

Silly fake smile with my new out world, I am just like my mama!

Me with my cool bowling cake!

Three candles!

Taste even better than it looks mommy!

Thanks for a great party!

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