Sunday, September 21, 2008

First day of Sunday school!!

Today I went to my first Sunday school class and Abby went to the nursery for the first time. Abby did great, she was the only baby that didn't cry and she was more than happy to see mama, when mama came to pick her up. I did ok in Sunday school, it will take me a bit of getting use to, but I did have fun while I was there!

Mommy checking up on Abby....she is doing great and playing with the other babies

It is hard to get a picture of her, so that she doesn't see mama

Starting of Sunday school with one of my favorite games...bags!

We played lots of games to get everyone to meet new friends

Playing bean bags with some new friends!

What an arm I have :)

Last bean bag...think I can make it?

Time for play dough...look who I found...Briannah!

Here mommy, I made you a heart

Singing and story time...I wasn't too sure about this yet

Daddy had to sit right next to me

Time to get up and jump around and sing...still not too sure

Coloring with markers in my 3 year old little group

This part I really liked...what kid doesn't like coloring with markers?!

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