Friday, October 31, 2008


The purple dragon

Ian and Chase getting excited to go out trick-or-treating

Miss Abby the chicken

Too cute!

Chase practicing his roar

Lets go!

Daddy even dressed up too

Trying to get a picture of all the kids...not very easy

Mommy and her munchkins!

Off to the next house everyone!

Too cute!

Ding dong....trick-or-treat!

Thank you!

Abby demanded to carry her own bucket of candy

Auntie Katie and Lil' miss Abby

Two chicken butts ;)

Lets keep moving people!

Oh no....candy spill. Mommy found some rocks in my bucket...I must have put them in when I spilled.

This is so fun!!

The kids had a blast!

Mommy and her princess!

Bowser and the chicken

Adam, Chase, Katie and Abby. Thanks for coming this year guys!

Family Halloween photo


She loves suckers

Walking back home

Ian and his sucker

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The surprise costume

Brian wanted to win back the best Halloween title at work, so we set out to make him a Bowser costume. (from Mario Kart) Well, about 6 hours later...this is what we got. See Susan, that sweing machine you got Kelly all those years ago finally paid off!

The full costume!

The mask

The shell

Front of the costume

Here are some pictures from the making of the costume! I didn't get any pictures of it, but Brian did sew all the hair pieces together.

Hand sewing on all the spikes

OUCH! Kel poked herself in the finger one too many times



Ta da! Done with the shell!

Carving Punpkins

Tonight we carved our pumpkins. Daddy was running late, so he did his after he got home. The kids had a blast and loved playing with the 'guts'!

Daddy's pumpkin!

Yeah, we got the top off!


Mommy said I have to get messy to get all the guts whole arm fit inside the pumpkin...she wasn't kidding!!

Look...I got a few seeds

Abby wasn't too sure at first about sticking her hand inside the pumpkin

What is this gooey stuff?!

Here mama, this is for you

Dig in!

Helping each other scrap the 'guts' out!


Two cute pumpkins!

Abby is checking out the candle inside

They thought that the pumpkin needed kisses

Ewww...look at all the pumpkin guts!

The three carvers!


Sitting by the glowing pumpkin outside on the porch

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