Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Punpkins

Tonight we carved our pumpkins. Daddy was running late, so he did his after he got home. The kids had a blast and loved playing with the 'guts'!

Daddy's pumpkin!

Yeah, we got the top off!


Mommy said I have to get messy to get all the guts whole arm fit inside the pumpkin...she wasn't kidding!!

Look...I got a few seeds

Abby wasn't too sure at first about sticking her hand inside the pumpkin

What is this gooey stuff?!

Here mama, this is for you

Dig in!

Helping each other scrap the 'guts' out!


Two cute pumpkins!

Abby is checking out the candle inside

They thought that the pumpkin needed kisses

Ewww...look at all the pumpkin guts!

The three carvers!


Sitting by the glowing pumpkin outside on the porch

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