Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deer Wood Apple Orchard

Shaving with daddy

Two of mommy's favorite boys!

Just like daddy

Today we took our anual trip to an apple orchard to get some pumpkins and have some fun!
Family photo!

Eating a pretzel before our fun adventure starts

Got to have dip with it

Abz and daddy


Waiting for grandma and grandpa O

I am totally a cool dude

Throwing leave up in the air

Feeding the goat...Abby wasn't to sure about his big furry head near her

What do you know...if there is bean bags will find them

I got it in!

Trying to feed the little pony

He isn't so little when he gets up close to you!

Another game Chase happen to find....Horseshoes. This one was a ringer

Riding the pretend pig

Thank for the ride Mr. piggy

Trying to find my way through the crate was very fun

Grandma and Grandpa on the tractor...aren't they cute!!

Down the hay slide....whee!

Abby's turn

Aww! Buddies forever!

Climbing the hay mountain

Two of the cutest piggies around

Ms. Piggy

Daddy is a wolf

Cute little Abby wolf

Abby playing with a lady bug

There it goes

Sitting on the tractor seat

Two cute kids!

Getting my face painted...most kids had a pumpkin or a ghost, not me, I wanted a football!

Cool dude!

Ready to go to the pumpkin field to pick our pumpkins

What a beautiful fall day to take a ride through the trees

I want this one mama

Papa...should we get this one?

Wow! They agree on a perfect pumpkin!

Uh oh! Daddy....I need some help lifting this one!

Abby with the lady bug

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