Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing at mommy's work

Abby is very independent, which is leading to lot of baths. She loves to feed herself and is just starting to get the hang of utensils

Rocking in the recliner...she does it all by herself

Hugs for my baby

Playing bean bags....my favorite thing to do at the Dailey's house

Say cheese mama!

Kisses for my baby!
(Abby will carry babies around everywhere and copy whatever I do for Lydia during work)

Dipping my cookie in milk...I learned this from daddy

Silly girl

Giving Maria a 'hair cut'

Abby's turn...even though mommy doesn't want me to cut the little that she has

Brushing Abby's hair after I cut it so pretty

Hugs for my little sister....I love her!

Here mama, want to play with me?!

Playing with Lydia and her fun toys

Playing 'wheee' with daddy

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