Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saalim's 3rd birthday party!

Today we went to Edinborough indoor park for Saalim's birthday party. We had so much fun climbing and jumping!
Jumping in the jumper...Abby had a hard time standing up, but that didn't stop her from having fun!

Almost got it!

Can I get a little help mama?


Oops, I fell down again



Chase and Abby jumped most of the time, not many kids were jumping and they loved it

Climbing up to the yellow favorite!

Watching the swimmers through the glass

Hanging out

Down the yellow slide

Waiting for my big brother

Time for some cake...yum!

Mel and Saalim

Time for some basketball

Trying so hard to pick up both balls

Pushing Mel and Saalim in the wheelie chair

What do you know...Chase found a basketball and hoop :)

Abby carried this cone around probably weighed as much as she did

Saali going for a ride

Abby's turn...who's going to push me??

Ok, I'll push the chair myself!

Oh thank goodness for big brothers...thanks Chase!


Chase's turn!

Hanging out at home after the party

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