Monday, November 3, 2008

Abby's ears pierced!!

Today we went to the Eden Prairie mall and played in the indoor play place. Then we went and got pretties in Abby's ears! Silly mama!
Riding the Ski-doo


Trying to walk on everything, we had to take her sock off, so she could stand up. That stuff is slippery!

Standing on the top with the big kids!

Where is mama!?

Peek...I see you Abz!

Up she goes

Here comes Chase

Mommy took Abby to get her ears pierced, and she did great. She let out one scream and didn't have any tears in her eyes but the time I paid. What a big girl!
Last look at those pretty little ears

So tired in the car, but mommy got a half smile with my pierced ears

Cheese, I am such a big girl

Eating a banana

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