Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

This year we went to the Stevens' house for Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing day...we baked cookies, decorated the Christmas tree, played the Wii and ate some really yummy food!
Making cookies with grandma

Put it all in the mixer...

I am doing a good job!

Roll out the dough

I am so cute!

Time for the cookies cutters

My favorite part....the sprinkles!!

Scoop them to the pan

Adding few more sprinkles


So tasty!!

Abby and mommy hanging out

Kinda light, but such a cute girl

Peek-a-boo Abz

My brother shares with me...sometimes

When we got home, we emptied the dishwasher and Chase announced to daddy that the silverware was his job, this is how he puts it away....

Sorts the spoons and forks and then puts them all away :)

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