Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mall of American park

Abby's new look. Pointed eyebrows...she gives this look to everyone

Another silly look!

Today we went to the park at Mall of America with Nick, Rara, Adam, Katie and our family. We had so much fun riding all the rides and the kids loved every minute of it!
Riding Swipper's cars with Rara

Hanging on for dear life...

...but having so much fun!

Getting ready for the train ride to start

Here they come!

Abby liked it too

Chase doesn't look like he is having fun, but he did

Wheee! Choo Choo!

Peeking through the rails, to watch Chase on a ride

Everyone rode on the bus with Chase and Abby...I think there are more big kids, thank little ones ;)

Abby loved it!

Nicko got Chase to ride the little kids roller coaster, he loved it!

Big smile!

Playing on the school bus

Abby's first taste of Dip n Dots....she will definitely take after her mom, she loved them!

Riding the Semi trucks with Katie

I am soooo cute!

Honk Honk!!

The newlyweds!



One fun day at the park, makes one tried boy...

...and girl!!

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