Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twins Fest

Today Adam took us all to Twins Fest at the Metrodome. We all got a tour of the dome....most of which regular fans don't get to see, we got to play on the turf and of course, check out the dugout and where the players go. Thanks for a fun day Adam!

Hanging out in a suite

This is the life!

Walking down to the field, this is a conference room...had to take a picture with Chase's favorite player...Joe Mauer

A picture of the new Twins field!

Standing in the hallway of the offices or the big shots...Adam's too!

Playing on the field

Taking right after her brother!

Trying a little t-ball

Swing....home run!

Abby going to see TC the bear

Oh wait...maybe I am not too sure of him

Chase....still playing baseball with the big kids

Ready to run!

TC is pitching

Playing catcher with Katie

Time for some food

Chase wanted to go play some more baseball, and Abby was the only one who'd go with him

Mommy and Katie got massages...well deserved!

Playing on the turf

Daddy kicking a 40 yard field goal....he made it!!

We got balloon animals....Abby got a butterfly and I got a motorcycle

Me with my buddies Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau

Grandma and me with my soon to be teammates

Playing t-ball

The whole crew

Abby in the jumper

Having fun with Auntie Katie

Timmy and Brian sitting in the Twins dugout

Walking up the players stairs

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