Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Santa came!!

Nothing better than Curious George!

Abby loved opening presents this year

Abby was more excited about Chase's slippers than he was

A new game for my leap pad...yeah!

Curious George puzzle...Chase loves Curious George!

Helping Abby open a present...she didn't open it fast enough

Curious George was a Curious George Christmas

Uncle Kyle and buddies!

Abby picking up all the wrapping paper pieces off the floor and giving them to papa

Kyle and Abz...too cute!

Being a big brother and helping her with more presents

Silly uncle Kyle...taking a picture of himself opening a present

Abby's new pink scarf...she didn't want to model it for mommy

Chase helped everyone open their wasn't as exciting when there wasn't toys inside

We had to bring the air hockey table to grandma and grandpa vrooms house too

So excited!

Papa reading Abby's new book to her

What a little angel

Reading with daddy too

More air hockey...

Time to beat uncle Kyle in a game

Playing with a doot da da doo!

Kisses for grandma

Looking at pictures uncle Kyle took

Daddy and uncle Kyle's turn

Anyone up for some baseball??

"Mario Kart" PJ's!

Grandpa with his present

Abby in her new DKNY coat from uncle will fit next year!

Chase with another present...there were so many with his name on them...what a lucky kid!

Mommy and Abz watching all the fun chaos

Daddy got uncle Sean a marshmallow Bow n', but daddy forgot the we couldn't play with it :(

I love opening gifts!!!

Yahtzee! YEAH!

Rara, now I have my own...come play with me!!

Biggest box under the tree...what could it be?

Tons of doll stuff...someone knows me very well!

Open it uncle Kyle...PLEASE!

Abby eying up her doll cradle

What a good lil' mommy

Thank for putting together my stroller uncle Kyle!

Posing with his new Pimp suit from uncle Kyle

What good taste you have uncle Kyle!

Uncle Sean tickling me...he always gets me with the ticki-claw!

Auntie Kate has one of those ticki-claws too

Brian testing his skills at the Wii

Abby loves her baby stroller!

She posed for this picture! :)

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