Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We started Christmas eve at the Oxborough's house this year and had a blast with all the kids opening their presents. The tree was stuffed full and by the end of the night, everyone was tired and had mounds of gifts to take home.
Rara helping open gifts

Briannah opening her Polly Pockets from us...Brian is so excited for Abby to be into them... ;)

Yeah....a game! Thank Kocinski's!

New Crocs from Katie and Adam....

TWINS ones!!

Isaiah with his new Play Mobile set

The newly engaged!! Too cute!

Trying on this Twins hat...a little too small

Opening presents with the cousins

Pots, pans and utensils...just like mommy

Abby loved them, she played with them all night. She is going to take after her mommy...Betty Crocker. :)

Playing peek-a-boo behind the rocking chair

Everyone watching Chase play his new Wii game from Nick and Sara...they always know the perfect gift! (notice Timmy and his Ugly outfit...he wore it to his ugly sweater party)

Abby eating some chex mix...she loves her food!

Nicko and his ugly sweater that he graced us with on Christmas :)

Opening another present...

Yeah, an air hockey table...this will bring many hours of fun!

Can we open it?!

First game with Rara

So excited to play and get the puck in the hole

Two very photogenic girls!!

Ok...make that three! ADORABLE!

Reading with auntie Christy

Playing my new sports game in the Wii

Darts...this game has it all!

Action shot!

Timmy and Chase putting cookies and carrots by the fireplace for Santa and his reindeer

Group photo

What a cute couple

So sweet!


Waiting in the bathroom for Santa to come (Chase's idea to wait in the bathroom)

The look of being a little bit worried about Santa being in the house

Playing with our new toys


More presents...a train set! woohoo!

Such a cutie!

Mouth full!

Defiantly a cute couple!

Hanging out with auntie Christy

Opening the BIG present....

..a kitchen!

Rara and Nick all dress in red

Opening more presents...

...what could it be?! Christmas PJ's!

So excited...Abby loves her PJ's!

Chase's new PJ's!

A little present for Abby

Grandma had to help with the tape

A Silent Night book that lights up and plays music!

A present from Adam and Katie...

A new Twins outfit for next summer...

I know I'm cute!!

Too cute!

Cindy Lou Who (from the Grinch Stole Christmas)

Sibling photo...Abby is clearly now willing to be in the picture

Christy and Bebe

Opening a present from mommy

A picture made about their engagement with a cute quote on it

Getting so tired!

Anti-Virus...hmmm...I wonder why I got that?!

Probably for this new lap top...yeah, mommy gets Katie's old one! :)

A more excuses for being late and not finding the place

Grandma and Grandpa's gift from the kids...a new bookshelf to organize all their toys

A ball shooter gun....from Brian

And a Card shuffeler for poker...Adam was pretty stoked!

Playing the cousin dice game for gifts... Adam trying to roll doubles

The other Adam's turn....

Katie wishing for doubles...

Timmy is clearly not happy that he didn't roll doubles! doubles!

Last round...Brian rolled doubles!

Timmy trying to roll them on the floor for a different outcome...didn't work though

One more roll for Adam

Now Nick's last turn

Adam modeling with his new earings and

Mommy and daddy made out the best....Blokus and a inflatable Twins chair

Everyone with their gifts...what a fun game!

Timmy and his Twins hard hat from Adam

Last gift...then end!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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