Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making Christmas Cookies!

Cutie Patootie in her new outfit!

Watching Frosty The Snowman...their favorite for the time being

Time for art!!! Painting a reindeer

Chase loves art!

Coloring a picture for daddy to hang in his office...more art!

Awww....sibling love!

Chase covered Abby up with her blanket and she just laid on the kitchen floor

Putting sprinkles on our cookies

Note to self: Make sure you always watch a 3 year old putting sprinkles on cookies...otherwise you will be out of sprinkles before you know it.

All the kids waiting for the cookies to be done baking

The fun part...the frosting...notice the concentration....tongue out!

Ian and his beautiful cookie

Abby just liked to eat the cookies!

I think Chase liked the frosting too!

I just have to lick that last little bit off...

I think I left a little on my face... :)

Eli on his 3rd cookies...happy little man!

Abby and daddy with her crazy hair

Sitting in the cradle with Eli

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